During my research and studies within the MET program at UBC, I have discovered certain theories that resonate deeply within my own philosophies, teaching practice and experiences in eLearning and thoughts around the digital and physical world philosophy and learning experiences.

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There are many applications of the theories learned in MET. Here I've developed a compilation of applications of theories and artifacts that can be used for teaching almost any level. All elements are built upon the principles of constructivist learning complete with scaffolding opportunities. This list is only a beginning, as the applications of learning theory are based on creativity and reflection as well as suitability for a group.

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The MET program had a profound impact on my teaching practice and learning methods. During my time of study, I built a Digital Media Arts Program which now provides learning opportunities for 400 students of all ages. Everything from better use of Moodle, social media, community of practice and much more have all become a part of my daily teaching practice.

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  • 'The Fall of Icarus', 17th century, Musée Antoine Vivenel.
  • Flight
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My Journey to the SUN

An ePortfolio of a body of work compiled within the Masters of Educational Technology @ UBC

by Kenneth Buis

When I began the program, I was like the character Icarus, being over anxious to learn new technologies, experimenting without proper evaluation and developing tools in my teaching practice that were not based on enough theory. 

The MET program assisted me in reaching my goal of flying towards the sun (knowledge) by giving me the tools to properly build my wings via research such as the Bates and Poole (2003) framework, the digital spaces to experiment and develop the knowledge needed to fly, and helping me to understand the undercurrents of theory and practice to produce better learning of flight. 

I leave the program as Daedalus, being more aware of my own abilities, having a great respect for knowledge of educational technology and its agendas, and being empowered to continue my learning journey to the sun.  While I now have the ability to fly, I am cautious, inventive and respectful of the power of technology and its applications in education. 

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The journey to the sun of knowledge has been breathtaking and life changing